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Cameroon mission

What an incredible mission in Cameroon. We have much faith in the foundations that were laid during these 5 days. According to our scientific director, Prof. Yori Gidron, this mission's impact may be bigger than any other undertaken by Mens Sana before. The purpose of our mission was to train clinicians and psychology students at the University of Yaoundé I in scientifically tested methods geared towards preventing and treating PTSD and depression. We thank the many motivated students and clinicians for their engagement and dedication to the Mens Sana cause. Big thank you to Prof. Yori Gidron and Dr Daniela Herzog for representing Mens Sana during these 5 days on the African continent. Special thanks to Dr. Eric Mulumba Zozo and Wellbeing For All for being such an impactful partner; we look forward to many more missions in collaboration with him and his non-profit. Wellbeing For All has an interdisciplinary approach to aiding impoverished and fragile communities around the world. Special thanks to Prof. Jacques-Philippe Tsala Tsala and the University of Yaoundé I for the generous welcome. We look forward to continue working along the Professor’s side and his students and colleagues. Last, but not least, I would like to thank 'la Fondation Jean-François Peterbroeck' wholeheartedly for being our loyal and empowering partners in our activities, and without who this mission would not have seen the light of day. More posts following on highlights of the mission!


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