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Our first mission in cooperation with the United Nations planned!

Our team has just received an e-mail confirming our activities in our very first refugee camp in Rwanda. Such a big step for our small non-profit. The camp gives shelter to over 60000 people and we look forward to tend to those in need within the boundaries of the UNHCR camp. Our first and main aim at this point is to undertake a study on the effectiveness of the method on a large population within this context. After this, we will continue our activities within the camp and expand to others where the need is just as great. We are very excited and honoured to the prospect of working together with such a large and prestigious organisation and hope to achieve great things through this partnership; touching the lives of as many refugees as we can. Thank you to Dr. Noor, Mr. Kenya and the UNHCR for their faith and support and we look forward to setting up this pilot in our first refugee camp.

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