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Launch of Leganthropy

We are most happy to announce that we are branching out our activities. After the testimonials of the brave members of COREDAC and other refugee communities in Brazzaville, one of the greatest needs observed was the obtaining of the refugee status. This is why, under the direction of Sydney Stewart, we will be spearheading an initiative called Leganthropy in Brazzaville. At Leganthropy, we aim to build a world-wide academic peer-2-peer network that aims at giving legal council to those who have not been given that opportunity. Our main focus lies on refugees and the pilot project is geared towards that population. The dual purpose of Leganthropy is also to provide experiential education to law students. By creating a network of academic partners and local experts and by empowering the student body, we will create mutual beneficial change; not only in the life of the refugee, but also that of the student. The roots of our approach lie in the involvement of local actors (lawyers) that can not only set the scene preceding the students' case reviews, but also make sure that the reviewed cases are handled locally in a professional way. We seek to connect engagement with local expertise and through this make an impact, one refugee status at the time.

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